Indigo Shibori Dyeing

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I've always been mesmerised by the beautiful colours of indigo Shibori dyeing...

As part of my creative journey and exploration, I attended a workshop with Jenny from Indigo Daze. Jenny guided us through the magic of shibori with indigo dye. Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. The word comes from the verb root shiboru, "to wring, squeeze, press."

In this workshop we were given 3 different types of cloth including a strip of silk so we could make a scarf, a square piece of cotton and I brought a larger piece with me as well.

Jenny explained the do and don't's of shibori dyeing and we went about tying our first piece of silk. Jenny had all sorts of tools we could use ranging from elastic bands to paddle pop sticks and different wooden shapes.

Jenny had a big pre-prepared bucket of dye and we took turns at dipping our wrapped up packages. The key is to leave the pieces out for a time and then re-dipping them to get the darker blue colours. It's pretty much unpredictable which is what I love about this. You never really know how it's going to turn out! That's why it's magical!

The kit Jenny recommended is available from the States from this website. I used it to "upcycle" an old bathmat I was going to throw away and a macrame wallhanging I had made on the back of another workshop I attended.

Can't wait to learn some more with Local Textile Artist Helena Geiger on February 23rd in the Shibori Masterclass. There is still room for you to attend so join us!!!

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