First Ever Resin Artwork

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Loved learning about resin art with Misha Harrison!

On 14th October 2018, I attended a workshop on resin art by the talented Misha Harrison. I was inspired by her art and blown away by what could be done with colours.

First, Misha talked us through the process of resin art, and demonstrated a couple of techniques. She is very passionate about her art and is inspired by the colours of the sea. You can find her amazing work here.

The resin had been prepared individually for each of us at our 'stations'.

Our next task was to choose some colours. I picked a couple of blues, a gold and

some white, I too, being strongly inspired by the colours of the sea! We went onto mix the resin and hardener and pour some of this in each of our pots of paint. We mixed those using paddle pop wooden sticks.

And then the fun really begun, we just poured our pots of paints onto the canvas and moved them around, using the paddle pop sticks to guide the paint, I even started blowing on mine to create further patterns.

I was amazed by the brightness and beauty of the colours. Once we were happy with our pieces, we used a blow torch to go over the surface and get rid of the tiny air bubbles on our piece. We had to wait for the resin to cure overnight and were able to come and pick up our master pieces a couple of days later. Below is the finished product.

Resin art beginner sea blue white gold

This workshop was so much fun and everyone's pieces were so unique and beautiful. I enjoyed so much I bought some resin from Misha on the day (it's not always straight forward to get this online and Misha's mix is already measured for you, and cheaper so a no brainer for someone wanting to get going). I have produced more pieces on my own since and thoroughly enjoy this craft.

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