Resin Art: First solo attempt: blue & pink, green & yellow Resin Boards

I absolutely loved the Resin art experience with Misha at the Old House. Read more about it here! My daughters also liked what I produced which spurred me onto make unique boards for their bedrooms.

I bought some resin from Misha on the day and did some research for the other bits and bobs. I found that Bunnings was the cheapest overall to get my supplies and below is what I got. I had some tape already and got the plastic cups from Coles.

I found the overall process very enjoyable. My daughter Erika really wanted something pink and purple so I picked the the blue, pink and white and was able to achieve the following. Bit messy but she likes the result!

I also created a green and yellow board for my other daughter and that's now featured in her bedroom.

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