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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

I met Sharon through the resin art workshop we hosted with Misha Harrison. Sharon is local to Jervis Bay and mentioned that she had taught succulent wreath workshops in the past but never in Jervis Bay so we are both delighted to be bringing this new opportunity to life. Fill out the contact form if you're interested in future succulent wreath workshops. In the meantime, let's get to know Sharon!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Sharon Hoare Succulent Wreath Workshop

I was born in Goulburn NSW, my father was a champion jockey at the time so I spent a lot of time as a child at the races, even though I am now highly allergic to horses!  I grew up in Gunning, surrounded by very talented family members who seemed to be able to turn their hand at anything. At the time, I wasn’t really into what they were doing, but now I wish I could call upon their knowledge and learn from them. I am only just finding out how talented a lot of family members were by researching our family history.

I am married to a wonderful, creative man and have 3 beautiful adult boys.  We moved from Canberra to Ulladulla in 2011 and have only just moved to Sanctuary Point. I would love to tell you that I have grandbabies, but unfortunately I am still waiting, and I think I will be waiting for a while!

How did your creative journey start?

My initial inspiration to do creative things came from my mum – she can do absolutely anything – she is a jack of all trades and it does run very deep in her family. In the past few years, since learning about Pinterest, I now have an endless list of things I would love to have a go at.

Sharon Hoare Succulent Wreath Workshop

What are your other creative pursuits?

I love creating things from scratch and the more difficult or unusual the better.  I don’t usually like ‘run of the mill’ things. I like to be different. For about 25 years, I have been paper crafting, creating greeting cards mainly, but I also love to make interactive books.  I have only just started book folding, which I am just loving.

Where did your passion for succulents come from?

I love my garden and in particular succulents.  About 18 months ago I attended a succulent wreath making workshop in Kiama with a very lovely lady and haven’t stopped making them since.  I have also taught many friends this art as well over this time. 

I now have a garden full of different succulents, and am always on the lookout for new ones. I have succulent gardens in old bread tins, old Arnotts biscuit tins, logs, even an old sink.

What are you currently working on?

Sharon Hoare Succulent Wreath Workshop

I love going to the Men’s Shed in Ulladulla, I think it is the only Men’s shed that allows women, and for that I am extremely thankful.  I have learnt a great deal from the men there.  I can now turn my own pens/pencils on a wood lathe (and I have purchased one for home now) and also bowls.

Just recently, I did a course in metal art in Tharwa.  I built my own metal leaf sphere.  This is something I would like to do a lot more of. I also did a resin art class with Misha Harrison at Le Workshop, I just loved this and intend on doing more of this in the future as well.

I love learning new things and  attend as many classes as I can afford.  I also love passing my knowledge on to others.  When I lived in Ulladulla, I ran card making classes for a small group of people.  One of the ladies that came to my classes, passed on her knowledge of quilting to me, I am not very good as yet, as I am not a sewer, but I will persist and keep endeavouring to master this skill.

I love making my own candles, I love cooking and I love family history.  I did write a 500 plus page book on my family history back in 2000, I am now endeavouring to update this and print another version.

What would you like participants to take away from the workshop?

I would like participants to take away a love for succulents and their many uses. To be able to watch their wreath grow and change depending on the time of year it is.  And to be able to make many more.

Check out upcoming workshops!

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