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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

On 28th February Misha will be back again from her studio in Thirroul to teach the magical power of resin art! Participants will learn all the tips and tricks of this artistic technique, they will witness a demo by Misha then get their hands dirty, making their own beautiful masterpiece with the colours of their choice. What a great opportunity for self expression and unleashing your inner artist, under the guidance of a true renowned expert...

So, in advance of the the big day, let's find out a bit more about our local talent!

A young bright star from Wollongong

Misha Harrison was born in Wollongong, NSW Australia in 1990. She studied fine arts at Wollongong TAFE before undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in sculpture and textiles. She completed her degree in 2015 graduating within the top five precent of her faculty. In 2016, Misha completed her Honours degree, graduating in the first class. She has recently won the NAVA Graduating Student Award, the Hazelhurst Artist in Residence, the Liz Jeneid Textile Prize and was selected to exhibit in the North Sydney Art Prize in 2017.

A lady of many talents, in tune with her environment...

Misha's practice spans many different disciplines but she works predominately with painting (mixed media), sculpture and installation. Misha’s paintings take a lighter approach to art and its capacity to move and inspire. Coming from a materialist perspective, she is fascinated with the application and exploration of varied media. Her artworks are often responses to places, landscapes or are a reproduction of her embodied energy and mood at the time of creation.

and committed to having an impact on the world!

Misha’s vivid and abstract paintings invite and inspire the viewers to create their own narrative. Creating an ever-changing dialogue between the artwork and the viewer.

Through modes of collection, recycling, manipulation and assemblage, her sculptures and installations explore materials and their capacity to evoke ecological dialogue. Natural and synthetic materials from both human and nonhuman worlds are fused and manipulated to create hybrid entities. The merging of contrasting materials opens up a dialogue between human and nonhuman, natural and synthetic, to draw attention to current and future ecological concerns.

You can read a bit more about Misha here as well!

This workshop is a unique experience to learn from an accomplished and talented local artist...

All photos by Misha Harrison

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