Local artist: Alecia Longford

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I met Alecia Longford at the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum Markets last year. I saw her beautiful resin art and also discovered that she is an alcohol ink artist and a local lady of many talents! On 9th June 2019 Alecia taught her first alcohol ink art as part of the SeeChange Festival in Huskisson and she has been back a number of times now including for private parties so you an expect a very well run workshop! Check out some pics here!

You get to make not 1, not 2 but 3 masterpieces in this class... The Sunday 2nd February workshop still has a couple of spots available if you fancy it!

In the meantime, let's find out a bit more about Alecia from Alekat Colour!

Are you a local?

Yes! I was born in the Shoalhaven and am 4th generation in the area. I grew up in Cambewarra, swimming in the creek and building cubbies. I am mum to an almost 18 year old, 2 cats and 1 crazy labrador. I have2 sisters.

How did your creative journey start?

I have always been creative or crafty. As a child i enjoyed making things and sewing. My artistic journey began about 3 years ago. I had never considered myself to be artistic when an artist friend started to use Alcohol inks. Deciding I'd like to try I began researching artists and techniques. I have always been someone who likes the process of teaching myself and then experimenting to make it my own.

What other arts and crafts are you interested in?

I have taught myself many times in the past with things like cross stitch, crochet, sewing, jewellery making and my current obsession resin.

What inspires you?

Whilst I take inspiration from all my surroundings, with both Alcohol Ink and Resin, I am usually guided back to colours and movement of the ocean.

What do you wish participants to take away from your Alcohol Ink Art workshops?

I would like people to come away from the workshop with the confidence to experiment and practice. Also to learn to give away a certain amount of expectation and control and let the inks help them to tell a story

Be part of this amazing learning and freeing experience! Get your alcohol ink art workshop spot for Sunday!

You can follow Alecia on Instagram here.

All photos & artwork by Alecia Longford

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