Furniture Chalk Painting: Dark Blue Nautical and Anchor Stencilled Bookcase

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

This was my second solo project and my first time attempting stencilling.

I bought this pine bookcase online, it was actually in really bad condition and in a simple plywood. I was taking some risks!!

For this project I used L'Essentiel Botanics paint in Steel, Sandi Hands sanding gloves, Cling On paintbrush, a Montmartre stencilling brush and Mezzie + Frank wax which I applied with a wax brush from This Old House.

This Old House no longer stock L'Essentiel paint but they have other great alternatives. I got the wipes from Bunnings. The stencil came from My Stencil Lady who was actually kind enough to produce it to the exact dimensions I needed for the piece!!

These are the materials I used!

These are the steps I followed!

  1. I lightly sanded all visible side of the side table using the gloves which are dead easy to use.

  2. I then wiped the piece with the Cleaning wipes

  3. I applied the paint using the Cling On brush. I let the first coat dry overnight.

  4. I applied a second slightly watered down coat.

  5. I let it dry overnight

  6. I applied the stencil with blue tack and used a dabbing motion with the stencil brush and the paint. I actually found this process quite challenging and I don't think I did it properly because the paint bled in some places below the stencil. Rookie error!! You're actually meant to apply very little paint and dab consistently for a while but I found this wasn't working well for me. I'll be looking for a tutorial or a workshop next time I do this!

  7. I then let it dry for a couple of days and applied the wax with a cloth and buffed the bookcase.

  8. I let this piece 'cure' in the garage for a few days before moving it to our foyer.

I did all of this in the comfort of the quiet, calming space of my "Workshop"!

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