Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

I attended a Macrame course at This Old House taught by Trina from One Wise Wombat.

We were invited to bring our own piece of driftwood so I bought a couple and used this one.

As part of the workshop we got some 5mm Macrame cotton from Industrial Yarns. We got set up using some clothes hanging racks and Trina had pre-cut the cotton for us so we could focus on learning the knocks and replicating the model she had for us.

I found this to be relatively easy but what struck me was that you have to remain quite focused on the task at hand so you don't start to make mistakes as you often have to alternate a couple of different knots. The great thing about macrame however is that you can easily undo your knots and start again.

I had quite a bit of cord left over after the course and was able to make another smaller wall hanging at home following a design I found on Pinterest.

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