Furniture Chalk Painting Workshop: a dark nautical revamped bedside table

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

This is the first ever revamped furniture project I delivered following a fantastic workshop at This Old House in Berry.

Starting with the Ugly Duckling

I bought two of these pine bedside tables on the local Facebook Buy&Sell group and brought one of them to the 6-hour DIY Workshop in Berry.

We spent some time choosing colours. I was after a dark nautical look in line with our master bedroom and picked the Midnight Oil dark blue paint from Mezzie and Frank. They describe it as: "A rich base of navy mixed with the popular gunmetal comes together in our midnight oil. Strong, loud political and popular."

Chalk painted dark blue bedside table Midnight Oil Mezzie and Frank

The beautiful dark swan

We sanded our pieces and applied two coats of paint, the second one was watered down. We then waited for our pieces to dry and finished them by applying some wax. I chose the Mezzie and Frank Carnauba wax because it is natural and it just smells amazing!

The final touch was the compass themed draw knobs which I bought from the shop. We borrowed the Cling On paintbrushes from Leanne.

I am very happy with how this turned out and it takes pride and place in my bedroom!

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