Crochet: First solo attempt: dark blue afghan blanket

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

I've always been intrigued by crochet and its recent resurgence. I was inspired by my sister in law who started making baby beanie hats. I searched Pinterest high and low and came across this tutorial by Christine Rosen which included a video demonstration. I chose this one in part because it required a big crochet hook and I had read that those were easier to use than the smaller, fiddlier ones!

I went off to Spotlight in South Nowra and purchased a 15mm plastic crochet hook for $5 and 3 balls of a beautiful 'Mariner' colour yarn for $5 each. I ended up going back to buy more yarn as I wanted the afghan to be much bigger than what was in the pattern (turns out an afghan is like a strip of blanket that is decorative, but I wanted a proper blanket to out on my lap in the winter while sitting on the sofa!). So all in all, I bought 9 balls and my blanket measures 100cm wide and 135cm long.

I found that it took me a fair few replays on the youtube tutorial to get the knack of it but once I did, it became quite easy and I was able to crochet in front of the TV without checking each of my loops.

One of the lessons I learned in this process was to ensure the first row is very loose otherwise it looks too tight versus the rest of the blanket. I ended undoing that first row right at the end by cutting it and threading some yarn, crocheting it into the loose loops. Bit fiddly but it solved the issue.

In the end, I really loved how this first project turned out and I was keen to make a different one soon after! I would say that the second one I made was an even easier pattern so I would recommend to start with that if you are a total beginner.

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