Crochet: ombre blue and grey blanket

Following my first crochet attempt, I wanted more! I was keen on making a second blanket for our second sofa, exploring a new pattern and using a wool blend as opposed to acrylic.

Back on Pinterest, I discovered this tutorial by Marty Miller which I actually found easier than the first pattern I followed so I highly recommend you start with this one!

I bought a 8mm hook for $6 because Spotlight didn't have the 9mm that Marty recommends. I found some beautiful chunky grey/black wool blend at Spotlight on sale (for $12 instead of $20 each) and purchased 2 balls of the Caron Tea Cakes in Earl Grey (grey/black) and went back for more after the sale...but they didn't have enough so I ended up getting 2 more of the Earl Grey and 2 of a blue shade called Lady Grey. It worked quite well in the end and I got a lovely 'ombre' effect!

I had no issues with the first row being too tight. You'll not what I mean if you read the first crochet I made! But the lesson I learned is to make sure you buy enough wool in the first place. I was able to improvise but I'm finding it hard to quantify exactly what's needed for the size I'm after!

The throw measures 105X160cm and all in all it cost me $110.

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