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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

How did you become an artist?

I studied fine arts at West Wollongong Tafe before entering into a Bachelor of creative arts at Wollongong University. I majored in Sculpture and Installation art paying attention to addressing the beauty in nature as well as environmental concerns. I then went on to studying an honours degree majoring in installation. I graduated from my bachelors degree within the top 5% and graduated from Honours in the first class. 

Since finishing my studies I am striving to become a full time artist. 

Why resin art?

I work across a wide range of mediums, one of those being resin. I discovered resin about five years ago drawing inspiration from one of my favourite artists Dale Frank.I began experimenting with resin and five years down the track I am still using this beautiful medium. 

What else inspires you?

I draw inspiration from the medium and its process but also find inspiration - like many other artists - from nature often referencing the ocean or a fusion between land and bodies of water seen from an aerial view. 

What is unique about resin?

There is a sense of control when you're mixing and undertaking the initial steps of the process, but also a sense of freedom in the way that the material works. You have to let go let the medium do its thing!

What else do you do beyond resin art?

My other art forms include painting, mixed media and assemblage. Since I was a little girl I was always fascinated with tools and building so I incorporate these methods into a lot of my artworks. Resin Is different for me in the sense its not as hands on, but I find it to be a good release from other works, it loosens me up. I usually have many different projects working at once across many mediums. That way I never get bored!

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All photos by Misha Harrison

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