workshop - /ˈwəːkʃɒp/ - noun​

  1. A room or building in which goods are manufactured.

  2. A meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular project.

Who are you? 

Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm Eugenie, I turned 44 on Christmas Day, I  have two daughters blonde blue eyed Erika and brunette Skye. I live in gorgeous Jervis Bay!

Le Workshop is my third creation!

I'm not an "artist" but I've always wanted to 'do things with my hands'! And because we were all created to create, I reckon!

"It always seems impossible until it's done".

That's my favourite quote and how I got to Australia from France, where I'm from, and to Jervis Bay from Sydney nearly 3 years ago after a goal set on a walk in Hyams Beach where I declared: "we will have a house here by the time I'm 40". And we did...and 1 year later we moved here full time.


Best. Decision. Ever!

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Creative Workshop Art Class with Le Workshop in Jervis Bay

What's this all about?

Is it a life stage thing? Moving to a quieter environment? Having less friends and more time? Probably a bit of everything!! It all started when I attended a furniture revamping workshop in Berry and became hooked...

...Hooked on what can be achieved by total beginners with some structured advice and more so... hooked on the magical connections you can make with TOTAL strangers in a non 'judgy', inspiring atmosphere....

I want to share that magic...make people feel artists share their talents and connect with their local friendships and make those human connections last beyond the workshop 'event' itself.


I've set up some workshops for you in lovely local venues! Since March, we've ran over 10 events and have received some great feedback from participants and with many have attended more than one event...

Sounds great! What happens now?

Don't waste any more time trawling through youtube and pinterest for online tutorials... Let's meet, let's create, let's laugh and grow together!


Have a look at the Events page and join us for a social catch up or a workshop! I'm constantly meeting new local artists, checking out new venues and figuring out how to all make it work for you! Let me know if we're on the right track!!!

I've also set up a Le Workshop Facebook group so we can all properly connect! Join us!

Resin Art Workshop at Le Workshop in Huskisson, Jervis Bay

Tell me more...


Workshop definition adapted from the English Oxford Dictionary

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